Our whistleblower function

We are keen to do the right thing and to maintain the trust of our employees, partners and the public in us and our business. We therefore want to do everything we can to detect and prevent any irregularities in our operations as early as possible. In our whistleblower service, you can submit a report of suspected serious misconduct.

We have hired an independent receiver function that manages our reporting system to maintain an independent and independent handling of the reports. All reports and messages received are handled in a manner that ensures confidential treatment of your identity. Your report will be encrypted and no IP addresses can be tracked.

If the report is submitted in writing via the web form, you choose whether you want to remain anonymous or whether you want to leave your contact details. Regardless of whether you want to remain anonymous or not, you will receive an anonymous ID and password that you can use to stay in touch and get feedback from the person investigating the report.

Please note that only people directly connected to Energy Save’s operations are covered by the protection in the whistleblower legislation, read more about the legislation on the Swedish Parliament’s website Law 2021:890 on protection for people who report offense.


How is a report made?

Our whistleblower feature gives people the opportunity to report in writing via a secure and anonymous cloud service provided by an independent third party. It is also possible to submit your report by telephone or by booking a physical meeting for those who wish. The various options and more information about them can be found via the link.

You have the opportunity to submit your case via the following link: https://whistle.qnister.com/energysave
Please paste it into your browser.

The reports are received by lawyers at Insatt AB and are handled according to a specific procedure with pre-determined contact persons at Energy Save.

If you choose to submit your report via the phone number that you find via the link above, you will only be contacted for further information and feedback if you choose to leave contact details, and not if you choose to remain anonymous.

When you report to Energy Save’s channels, you have the right to protection according to the law (2021:890) on the protection of people who report misconduct.

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