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ES Energy Save Holding AB (publ) operates through its subsidiaries ES Systems, ES Heat Pumps och ES Services and offer products, systems and services aimed at energy savings. The core products are based on the latest heat pump technology and all companies in the group plays an active part in the product development for the European market. Besides actual products we also offer service and different digitized tools and services.

Since 2007, Energy Save Nordic AB and Energy Save AS have been marketing their products under the ES brand.

Subsidiaries ES Systems ES Heat Pumps ES Services
Business Area Commercial Buildings Domestic Heating Installation & Aftermarket
Product Areas
  • Customized Hybrid Solutions
  • Plug-In Modules
  • Air Management
  • Heat Pumps
  • Multifunction Tanks
  • Control Systems
  • Accessories
  • Service
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Aftermarket Services



Energy Save – est 2009

The Energy Save company was founded in 2009 and has since then delivered over 20 000 heat pumps for the domestic market. Since 2013 we have delivered over 200 heat pumps for commercial buildings and in 2014 this was made an own product called ES NordFlex.

Energy Savehas also developed innovative and front line plug-in-modules, designed for commercial buildings. These plug-in-modules creates a new market for temporary heat pump installations, a concept that does not exist today. Our plug in modules rationalizes the traditional installation, which often is complicated, time consuming and cost driving, and facilitates the installation with intermediaries men and less coordination.

Though the fully industrialized serial manufacturing we secure quality at the same time as cost can be lowered. The level of freedom for the builder and property owner enables big savings, new opportunities and increased property value.

Energy Save has established an effective and dynamic platform for development and manufacturing together with heat pump manufacturer Amitime in China. The joint developing results has through a wider European and global perspective been very competitive and commercial successful which has contributed to a strengthen both the cooperation between the two companies as well as our market position.

Energy Save develops and offers energy saving products. We offer the market cost-effective, smart and flexible products for maximum energy savings.

Product and concept development as well as system evaluation are done in Sweden and Norway under full control of the Energy Save companies. Production and final assembly of products takes place with ongoing production and quality control of ES personnel, which enables generous product guarantees.

ES heat pumps are tested by independent third parties
To achieve our goal of creating a strong brand with products that meet the high Scandinavian requirements for functionality and power even at low outdoor temperatures, performance testing is a very important tool.

Our facilities are therefore fully tested by Intertek Semko (independent testing institute) according to the standard EN 145 11. It is these test values ​​that we also specify in marketing and all product information. The test method enables comparisons of our plants with other makes where we continuously strive to deliver more power and savings than competitors at an attractive price. Ongoing testing and complete RoHS certificates and reports are conducted and exhibited by Den Norske Veritas (DNV). Ongoing testing and complete CE certificates and reports (LVD, EMC) are conducted and exhibited by Intertek Semko (ITS).

Comprehensive approach to the industry

We offer new product offerings that take a comprehensive approach to the various needs of the energy industry and thereby create customer offerings and a scalability of business that did not previously exist. Energy Save industrializes an installation industry and digitalizes a consulting industry.

Energy Save’s products are certified SG-ready for use in smart grids and MCS-certified in the UK. Also, the company is registered in the German BAFA-list and a member of Wärmepumpe Austria.


OEM / ODM / Private Label

Energy Save offers climate-smart and cost-effective heat pump solutions for residential, commercial, and temporary heating, under our own brand ES Energy Save.

In addition, we have well-proven ability to create hardware and software solutions aiming for OEM, ODM and Private Label. Our deep experience of collaborating with significant European actors has helped us build efficient processes to get to market quickly.

Among our strengths are Swedish ingenuity combined with scalable production capacity and the ability to build and create value within fleet management, connectivity, control systems and application design.

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History in Brief

2003 – Cooperation with Amitime is established.

2005 – Amitime chooses together with ES Group founder to focus the core business toward a product portfolio containing inverter technology based air-to-water heat pumps.

2006 – The company’s first generation of air-to-water heat pump is launched through JULA as private label partner.

2009 – The business is acquired by the current CEO Fredrik Sävenstrand and current product development manager, Christian Gulbrandsen. The Energy Save company is hereby founded.

2011 – The company makes an exclusive collaboration with Onninen AB as a distributor of Energy Save products. Amitime Europa BV is founded in the Netherlands by Energy Save and Amitime. The company regulates the rights to sell the jointly developed heat pumps. The company is owned to 51% by Amitime and 49% by Energy Save.

2012 – The subsidiary ES Service AB:s is founded in Sweden and Poland. The company act as a installation resource and service partner for the domestic and commercial markets.

2014 – Onninen Oy makes an exclusive collaboration as an exclusive distributor of ES products in Finland. ES Group starts to invest in development of the product portfolio for commercial properties. The first concept towards this segment is ready during 2014 and is installed through a series of pilot installations where the systems are tested in systems togehter with district heating. The concept is developed together with JEFF Electronics AB and Wikströms AB

2015 – We initiated the product development of the plug-in-modules.

2016 – During 2016 we launched our third generation air-to-water heat pump range. The first Plug-in Module was installed at customer. Cooperation with Swegon AB is established through a joint development project aimed at commercial air handling during 2016. At the end of 2016 ES Group had closed non exclusive distribution and cooperation agreements with distributors in 12 European countries.

2017 – ES NordFlex is launched as a product concept in Sweden within the Light Commercial system business area. We signed distributor agreements with Scanmont AB and BAXI on both domestic and commercial product ranges. ES Systems AB is founded to take aim at commercial solutions. The organization competence is based on energy analysis, constructional engineering, sales together with production and industrialization. Swegon launches ES HeatStarDX on the polish market.

2018 – REC Indovent AB launches a newly developed compact domestic air handling unit combined with ES Groups heat pumps. The Swedish Energy Agency decides to support a innovative project based on ES Groups plug-in-modules. Pre series production of plug-in-modules is initiated in China and our forth generation A+++ air-to-water heat pump from ES Group is finished and tested. 10 000 units air-to-water heat pumps has been delivered since 2009. 200 of these is the same that we use in NordFlex concept. The establishment and extension of ES Systems continues at as high speed as possible without externa capital injection. We start discussing with investors to secure further development.

2019 – Key recruitments and the establishment of sales offices in Europe strengthen sales capacity. The customer base of distributors in both the residential heating and property heating segments is expanded. The beta version of the “system configurator” sales tool that aims to drive and accelerate business was launched towards partners and distributors. A strategically important collaboration with Swegon AB-owned BlueBox Srl, which the parties gradually intend to build up, is initiated and sample deliveries take place. The industrialization of the Plug-in Modules reaches the start of pre-production and a Swedish patent is approved. Co-packaging of operating activities to support a commercial launch of Plug-in Modules for construction heating is developed together with the partner Jeff Electronics AB and AirWaterGreen AB.

2020 – Ultra-quiet heat pumps with the new highly efficient and more environmentally friendly refrigerant R32 were launched. The digital sales and design tool The Configurator was launched. Public launch of the product offer Plug-in Modules with a focus on construction heating and new production. International PCT patent for the Plug-in module is approved in Europe. The plug-in module version 1 is in pre-series production and further model versions are in the pilot construction stage. Two Plug-in Modules are sold, delivered and put into operation for permanent heating in warehouse property and housing cooperative. Three modules have been manufactured and used for rental operations and development of the TemporaryClimate product concept. Two more modules are in production for the same purpose. NordFlex was launched at the international distributor level. Distributors are established in 18 countries. Framework agreement is entered into with Swegon Operations Srl. for delivery of heat pumps. ES Energy Save Holding AB is listed on the Swedish stock exchange Spotlight.

2021 – Follow-up order regarding another Plug-in Module to the Norwegian machine rental company UCO. Strengthened technical offer through the launch of larger basic capacities on the aggregate side of 45 kW per heat pump, which strengthens the Plug-in-Module product concept, and the Company’s offer towards the real estate segment. Sales cooperation begins with Swedish El-Björn as a distribution channel to construction heating, with common product packaging for the right building climate. Together with Sustainable Heating and Cooling by Sweden, projects for establishment in Great Britain are being launched. Collaborations begin with El-Björn and PowerCell. Office opens in Mälardalen, Sweden. Patent for the Plug-in Module in China. El-Björn starts a business segment for energy, which includes Energy Save’s Plug-in Module. A framework agreement is signed with Skanska Rakennuskone OY in Finland. Maximum system power is doubled to 1.4 MW. Distributors who drive the sale of Energy Save’s products are now established in 23 countries.

2022 – The company’s patent application for Plug-in Modules is approved in the USA. Finance fundings for the digital business segment is carried out. Prototype systems for heat pumps and fuel cells are developed together with PowerCell. At the beginning of April, new orders with a total value of SEK 36.5 million are received. Cooperation agreement with AQ Group. Follow-up order from Skanska Rakennuskone. Module for construction heating is delivered to Universeum’s visualization lab. Funding for the construction of a Smart Grid facility within the European ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems is approved. The company is launching a digital business segment. Follow-up order regarding two more Plug-in Modules to the Norwegian machine rental company UCO. Launch of PiM Move, a new product for temporary energy needs. Agreements are signed with partners in Great Britain, and Energy Save thus has distribution in 25 countries.

2023 – The expansion continues and five new employees are welcomed during January. Three more follow in February, and two more in March. In order to strengthen the company, additional capital is raised through a rights issue. Cooperation with focus on the German market begins with Danish EC Power. Enters as technology partner to Vargas-owned Aira, where also later a license agreement is signed. The board is strengthened with Maha Bou-Zeid and Julia Norinder. New distributors in Albania and Bulgaria are added and the company is now represented in 28 countries. In October, the company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Contracts for new premises for the company’s head office in Alingsås are being written, occupancy is planned for spring 2024.

Scandinavian design
Our energy solutions are designed in Scandinavia with top class power and efficiency.
Top quality for the nordic climate
Our products meet the high nordic
requirements for functionality and power
even at extreme outdoor temperatures.
Safe installation & service
Complete delivery and installation.
New integration possibillities
Our systems enable integration with your other heat sources.
Green clean tech with massive savings
The importance of heat pumps are steadily increasing in energy conversion in Europe and around the world.
The technical solution, investment and saving
Your chance to easily create a better property transaction.