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Electrical Heaters

Customizable heating elements

The heating elements are designed to fit one common controller that contains a thermostat for manual control, overheat protection and a contactor which enables a fully automatic control via ES heat pumps. Heating capacities of the heating elements range from 1,5 kW and up to 9 kW to provide an optimal solution for each house. Suitable for 230 V and 400 V connection.


Control box G2”

Features Suitable for
  • Automatic control via heat pump
  • Manual control via thermostat
  • Overheat protection
Heating elements with G2’’ connection (whole range).


Heating Elements G2’’

Length Output power
280 mm 6,0 kW G2”
390 mm 4,5 kW G2”
390 mm 6,0 kW G2”
390 mm 9,0 kW G2”
485 mm* 4,5 kW G2”
485 mm* 6,0 kW G2”
485 mm* 9,0 kW G2”

* Inactive 150 mm


Heating elements for AWT and NPT units

ES indoor units AWT and NPT have a standard built-in 9 kW Inline back up electrical heater. Those can be modified to a lower power with the 270 mm heating elements to 6 kW or even 3 kW according to local regulations.

Heating Elements DN40

Length Output power
270 mm 3 kW (3 x 1,0 kW) DN40
270 mm 6 kW (3 x 2,0 kW) DN40


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Scandinavian design
Our energy solutions are designed in Scandinavia with top class power and efficiency.
Top quality for the nordic climate
Our products meet the high nordic
requirements for functionality and power
even at extreme outdoor temperatures.
Safe installation & service
Complete delivery and installation.
New integration possibillities
Our systems enable integration with your other heat sources.
Green clean tech with massive savings
The importance of heat pumps are steadily increasing in energy conversion in Europe and around the world.
The technical solution, investment and saving
Your chance to easily create a better property transaction.