About the company

Energy Save is an innovative Swedish energy technology company that contributes to the sustainable energy transition in Europe through cost-effective and smart air/water heat pump systems. The company has supplied heat pumps to the European market since 2009, and is since 2020 listed on the Spotlight Stock Market.


– ”We think that system production and installation of heat pumps today takes place in an outdated and expensive way and that the climate footprint in the construction sector is still far too high, if we as an industry are to contribute to achieving the climate goals”, says Fredrik Sävenstrand, CEO of  Energy Save.


Energy Save develops green and innovative system solutions that help others meet their needs and reach their climate goals. Through innovative technology development, the company has established a product concept with prefabricated energy centers, so-called Plug-in-Modules. In addition, the company has developed a digital sales tool – the ES Configurator. This ensures the performance and quality of Energy Save’s product offerings through the growing European distribution. The result is a faster scalability of the business.

In this way, Energy Save enables the industrialization of the heat pump industry at the same time as the consulting efforts are digitized. The company’s know-how in hybrid technology, where the heat pump systems create synergies through cooperation with other energy technologies, also creates good conditions for a central position in the energy system of the future. The hybrid solutions respond to Europe’s enormous need for electrified heating of buildings – during the construction period and throughout its lifetime.

Energy Save focuses on becoming a leader in attractive niches and has established a business model that ensures short lead times and low development, production and delivery costs of heat pump systems. The company’s prefabricated complete system provides higher industrial scalability compared to installer-built facilities on site and also creates the conditions for completely new applications and customer segments. Together with partners, Energy Save conducts everything from product development to production, and has a defined path to market for both residential products and real estate systems, where sales are primarily through partners and distributors in the main European market. The company currently has active distributors in 24 countries.

The company’s net sales amounted to SEK 107.7 million during the financial year 2021/22. Net sales during the first quarter of 2022/23 amounted to SEK 51.4 million (9.0), an increase of 472% compared to the same period last year.

Redeyes intervju med vd Fredrik Sävenstrand 2023-03-27

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Delårsrapport maj 2022-jan 2023

ES Group hos Aktiespararna –
Temakvällen om förnyelsebar energi 9 februari 2021

VDs anförande från årsstämman 2021-08-31
Fredrik Sävenstrand, VD, och Helena Wachtmeister, Financial and Business Controller

Intervju med bolagets VD, Fredrik Sävenstrand

ES Group hos Aktiespararna

Redeye Technology Day 2021

ES Group hos Aktiespararna

Energy Save at Redeye Initiate

CEO Fredrik Sävenstrand and CFO Helena Wachtmeister presents the company at Redeye Initiate 8th of december 2021

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Redeye Technology Day


CEO Fredrik Sävenstrand and CFO Helena Wachtmeister

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ES Energy Save Holding AB (publ)’s strengths and competitive advantages

Energy Save has an established business with sales in 24 European markets
Energy Save has established customers and selected distributors who represent Energy Saves operations in 24 European markets. The company has developed and delivered more than 20,000 heat pumps in the residential segment since 2009 and over 200 heat pump units for commercial properties since 2013.

Industrializes a craft industry
Conventional solutions with site-built technology rooms with heat pumps require cumbersome, time-consuming and costly installation. There, the Plug-in Module means a significant streamlining as the entire craft process is industrialized. And through better energy performance and lower operating costs, the Plug-in Module provides large savings and increased property values ​​both in new production and in existing properties.

Digitizes / Automates consultant-driven processes
Energy Save has developed a digital configuration tool that in no more than a few days gives potential customers a complete survey of a property’s heating needs and what solutions are required to meet it. This replaces consulting efforts that previously required several weeks of work.

The heat pump market in general and the real estate segment in particular are expected to grow both in Sweden and internationally
Air-to-water heat pumps are judged to have the greatest growth potential of the various heat pump types. Energy Save has fo a long time invested in and developed air-to-water heat pumps and is now focusing on processing the property segment. Sweden is today a leader in heat pump use. If Europe were to reach the same positive development curve in sales of air-to-water heat pumps as Sweden has had over the past 15 years, the European market for heat pumps would be five times as large.

Scandinavian design
Our energy solutions are designed in Scandinavia with top class power and efficiency.
Top quality for the nordic climate
Our products meet the high nordic
requirements for functionality and power
even at extreme outdoor temperatures.
Safe installation & service
Complete delivery and installation.
New integration possibillities
Our systems enable integration with your other heat sources.
Green clean tech with massive savings
The importance of heat pumps are steadily increasing in energy conversion in Europe and around the world.
The technical solution, investment and saving
Your chance to easily create a better property transaction.