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ES Buffer tanks

Well insulated A-class buffer tanks for modern heating systems

Increased savings

Using a buffer tank with a heat pump increases the savings and reduces the load on the heat pump. In order for the heat pump to function optimally, sufficient water must flow through the heat exchanger. The buffet tank reduces the use of electrical additives, which provides additional energy savings. With the help of the buffer tank, the heat pump always operates under optimal conditions, regardless of the building’s thermal load.

More even heat

The heat pumps alternately heat the heating system or tap hot water. The buffer tank is responsible for distributing heat to the heating system while the heat pump produces hot tap water if it thus maintains the indoor air temperature.

Reduces the crushing of radiators

With a buffer tank installed, so-called radiator clicks are reduced. When the temperature of the heating system changes rapidly, clicks from the radiators can be heard. This can be avoided by using a buffer tank. The buffer tank balances the temperature fluctuations in the heating system, thereby minimizing the risk of clicking noise in the radiators.

Preheating hot water

Two of the ES buffer tanks have pre-installed hot water loops. When the buffer tank is connected to an ES air / water heat pump, the tap water can be preheated through the buffer tank loop. In this way, the hot water can also be almost completely heated with a heat pump and, if necessary, an electric heater can be used to achieve the sufficient hot water temperature.

Can be combined with an oil pan – or completely replace the oil pan

Three models have an R50 connection and together with, for example, an air / water heat pump can completely replace the boiler. If you want to keep the oil boiler, you can very easily connect both the air / water heat pump and the oil boiler to the tank. In this case, the oil boiler is only used to balance the peak on the coldest days and the heat pump produces most of the building’s annual thermal energy.

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BT100TC-1 BT100TC-2 BT100SC-1 BT200TC-1
Maximum water pressure 10 bar
Max water temp 95 °C
Volume 100 L 200 L
Height 1500 mm
Diameter 375 mm 520 mm
Diversion plate No
Material inner tank Stainless steel 304
Material loops Stainless steel 316
Material on the outside White
Thermometer Yes
Insulation 37,5 mm polyurethane 50 mm polyurethane
R50 socket for electric cartridge 1 1 1
Heat system connectors, placement Top Top Side Top
Heat system connectors, size 4 pcs, 1” female 4 pcs, 1” female 4 pcs, 1” female 4 pcs, 1” female
Coil 1 pcs, 15 meter, 22 mm 1 pcs, 20 meter, 22 mm
Coil connectors 1″ female 1″ female
Drainage, magnesium rod and expansion tank connector 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″
Weight 26.2 kg 29.3 kg 24.6 kg 46.3 kg
Wall mount Yes Yes Yes No
Article 120200 120201 120204 120205
Scandinavian design
Our energy solutions are designed in Scandinavia with top class power and efficiency.
Top quality for the nordic climate
Our products meet the high nordic
requirements for functionality and power
even at extreme outdoor temperatures.
Safe installation & service
Complete delivery and installation.
New integration possibillities
Our systems enable integration with your other heat sources.
Green clean tech with massive savings
The importance of heat pumps are steadily increasing in energy conversion in Europe and around the world.
The technical solution, investment and saving
Your chance to easily create a better property transaction.