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ES Multi-functional Tanks

Super insulated 75, 300 or 500 liters multi-functional
tanks for Heating and Domestic Hot Water

The complete heating system for your home.

ES Multi-function tank is a part of total solution for a system for domestic hot water and residential heating. The system has connection possibilities for several different energy sources and in this way becomes the hub of the house’s heating system. The multi-function tank can be used as a stand-alone hot water heater or combined with for example pellet stoves, heat pumps and water-jacketed wood stoves. The flexibility allows the system to be gradually expanded and adapted for future needs.


By connecting an ES air / water heat pump to an ES Multi-function tank, MWT, you enable a very modern energy system, where ES well equipped multi-function tanks become the center of the house’s new and modern heating system.


Efficient heating

The domestic hot water can be preheated or heated to a maximum via the stainless-steel coils inside the tank. This solution means that the hot water is not buffered in the tanks but is heated directly through the coils. In this way, the temperature inside the boiler can be lowered which reduces the total energy consumption. If there is an increased need for domestic hot water, the tank can be supplemented with a heat pump, solar collectors, or other heat sources. Through the tank’s various coils, you get an extremely cost-effective heating system that includes domestic hot water and house heating. An existing boiler can be used as backup capacity by being docked through the many connection options.

Thermostatically controlled electric cartridge

The multi-function tanks (except MWT 75) has a thermostatically controlled electric heater of 3 kW with control from 30-75 ° C, which increases the water temperature. The electric cartridge, located in the upper part of the tank, operate independently of other heat sources that are connected to the tank and is a backup which ensures that the temperature at the top of the tank is high enough to supply domestic hot water. However, the electric cartridge at the top of the tank is not designed to cover the entire heating needs of your system. The system must be supplemented with an external heat source such as a heat pump, solar collector, or existing electric or oil boiler for the total heat demand of the house.

R50 sockets for additive heating

In addition, all tanks have the possibility of connecting large capacity electrical cartridges, which ensures the heating demand when the house heating is at peak load. ES Multi-function tanks have one (MWT 75 and MWT300), alternatively two (MWT500), strategically placed extra R50 socket for electric cartridge in the tank, where you can insert additional electric cartridge (s) up to 18 kW / piece if existing heat sources do not meet the total heat demand of the house and more capacity is desired. The tank’s various connection possibilities make it possible to combine with heat pumps for high temperature systems.

Temperature diversion plates increases the effect

ES Multi-function tanks have built-in diversion plates that separate the water and enables two different temperatures. For example, when underfloor heating is connected to the lower part of the tank, the water is not heated to a higher temperature than is required to maintain the desired room temperature.

Stainless steel

ES Multi-function tanks are made of stainless steel which keeps the system clean, provides high efficiency and extends the life of the system. ES Multi-function tanks are approved as domestic hot water heater. The corrugated stainless-steel coils provide optimum heat exchange between the accumulator volume and hot water or added solar energy. This means that the stored energy in the tank is efficiently transferred to the tap hot water.

Standard connectors

For optimum flow and when connecting high power heat sources, all connections to spirals and water volume are of 1″ type, MWT 500C has 2” connectors.

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MWT 75.4 MWT 300.4-3H MWT 500.4-3H MWT 500C.1
Max water pressure 10 bar
Max water temperature 95°C
Volume 75 L 300 L 500 L 500 L
Height 875 mm 1 560 mm 1 850 mm
Diameter 476 mm 630 mm 700 mm
Diversion plate Yes Yes, 960 mm from bottom Yes, 1 145 mm from bottom
Tank material Stainless steel 304
Coil material Stainless steel 316
Outside colour Grey
Thermometer Yes, 1 in top Yes, 1 in top and 1 in bottom
Insulation 50 mm Polyurethane 100 mm Polyurethane 70 mm Polyurethane
R50-sockets for electric heater 1 1 2 2
Internal electric heater 3 kW 3 kW 3 kW
Heat system connectors, 2 pcs, 1″ female 8 pcs, 1″ female 8 pcs, 1″ female 8 pcs, 2″ female
Shower coil connectors 2 pcs, 1″ female 4 pcs, 1″ female 4 pcs, 1″ female 4 pcs, 1″ female
Solar coil connectors 2 pcs, 1″ female 2 pcs, 1″ female 2 pcs, 1″ female
Drainage, magnesium rod & expansion tank connector 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″ 3/4″
Weight 30 kg 95 kg 101 kg 101 kg
Shower coil 1 15 meter, 22 mm 20 meter, 22 mm 20 meter, 22 mm 20 meter, 28 mm
Shower coil 2 20 meter, 22 mm 20 meter, 22 mm 15 meter, 25 mm
Solar coil 10 meter, 22 mm 15 meter, 22 mm 15 meter, 28 mm
Article number 120177 120175 120176 120239
Scandinavian design
Our energy solutions are designed in Scandinavia with top class power and efficiency.
Top quality for the nordic climate
Our products meet the high nordic
requirements for functionality and power
even at extreme outdoor temperatures.
Safe installation & service
Complete delivery and installation.
New integration possibillities
Our systems enable integration with your other heat sources.
Green clean tech with massive savings
The importance of heat pumps are steadily increasing in energy conversion in Europe and around the world.
The technical solution, investment and saving
Your chance to easily create a better property transaction.